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Microprocessor Controlled Quill Feed

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Micro-processor Controlled Quill Feed

Micro-Processor Controlled Quill Retrofit

The newly redesigned Model 708-CNC Microprocessor Controlled Quill Feed is factory installed (or factory retrofitted) on any Servo drill press for peck drilling and reaming cycles, or routine drilling of deep holes. Fully automates hole drilling. If you already have a drill press with the old 708 controller, you can send it in for an factory upgrade to the new 708-CNC controller. It is also available in an easy to install, field retrofit package for existing old style 708 drill presses only. ANY Servo drill press can be upgraded with the new 708-CNC controller.



  • Program and run all operations from the controller keyboard
  • Programmable dwell, chip clearing height and variable peck depth
  • Peck Steps: 0.001”-1.4” / 0.02mm-35.6mm
  • Hole depth accuracy: +0.001” / 0.02mm
  • Quill Travel: 1.4” / 35.6mm
  • Maximum quill force: 35 Lbs. / 16 Kg
  • Feed rates: 0.01-200 IPM / 0.250-5080mm/min
  • Uses industry standard G-code programming
  • Store up to 99 different programs - does not need battery backup
  • 3.5" color LCD Display -320x240 pixels
  • USB port - import program text files
  • 8 output ports - pre-assigned to M-codes M51 thru M60
  • Monitors and displays the program cycle through every step
  • Built-in MPG (manual pulse generator)
  • Programmable backlash compensation
  • Control spindle motor ON/OFF using M-codes
  • New quill feed motor with integrated encoder
  • Ability to import .txt files from a USB jump drive
  • Large L.E.D. push-buttons for the control functions
  • Optional foot switch (Model 710)



  • Uses industry standard G-code programming allowing much more versatility and capability of movements that could not be achieved previously, such as programmed pauses, integrating multiple feed rates within the same program. Therefore, the ability to efficiently drill through pipe is possible.
  • The ability to store up to 99 different programs with a line capacity of 799 lines per program.
  • No need for battery back up, with NVRAM (non volatile random access memory) you will never lose any of your programs when the power is lost or shut off.
  • The ability to import .txt files from a USB jump drive. This allows the flexibility to create your programs on a word processor program, save them as .txt files and then import them to the CNC panel using the built in USB port.
  • The controller is equipped with 8 output ports which are pre-assigned to M-codes M51 thru M60. There are 6 relays located under the top cover mounted on a Output interface board. Relay 1 is pre-assigned to Spindle motor ON/OFF (M03/M05). Relays 2 thru 6 are available to use whichever way you choose, such as operate air solenoid valves, a coolant pump, parts counter, etc. All the relay contacts are rated 10 Amps @ 250 VAC, each relay has two sets of contacts, a common with one N.O. and one N.C. contact.
  • The controller allows you to monitor the program cycle through every step by displaying information such as the actual feed rate, quill depth, input/output interface status, current program code being executed. It also displays the program number presently running.
  • The new version 708-cnc controller uses a new quill feed motor that has an integrated encoder for much more precise and smoother movements than possible with the previous stepper motor.
  • The controller has a built in M.P.G. (manual pulse generator) that allows you the ability to manually lower or raise the quill during setup.
  • The controller has an increased rapid traverse speed of 200 in/min. compared to the previous controller which only had 50 in/min.
  • The controller has the capability to adjust (override) your feed rates while running a program cycle.
  • The controller has the capability to program “backlash compensation” which will be useful in compensating for long term mechanical wear to maintain drilling accuracy.
  • The controller has a Servo Alarm LED that will notify you in the unlikely event of a servo motor driver fault. This will stop program execution preventing any possibility of tool crashes. The previous version did not have any monitoring or alarm functions.
  • This new version uses larger (22mm) L.E.D. push-buttons for the control functions that are ergonomically easier to operate, plus an E-Stop button that will stop the program execution and spindle motor (if controlled via M-codes).
  • The controller has the ability to turn the spindle motor ON/OFF within a program using M-codes M03, which turns the spindle motor on, and M05 which turns the spindle motor off. You are also able to override this function and control the spindle motor manually with a pushbutton located on the control panel.
  • This new version controller has the capability for connecting remote E-Stop buttons, Cycle start buttons (which can be a foot pedal) and Pause buttons via a connector on the I/O board located under the top cover of the controller. There are open cable glands at the rear on the controller for running your external cables through.

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